Gabi Buch

1966 born in Ruhr district / Germany
1985 final secondary school examinations
since 1985 social padagogy University Dortmund / Germany
developement as an occupational therapist
Tübingen / Germany
Management, University Karlsruhe / Germany
Change agent, Stuttgart / Germany
since 1988 different studies in arts
including education in creative techniques like painting, woodarts, pottery, Raku, weaving, metalworking, bookbinding, paper manufacture
school of arts in Waiblingen and Stuttgart / Germany:
grafting, pencil drawings and paintings by Otto Engbarth and Nicola Silvano;
experimental paintings by GEZ Zirkelbach
some years painting in different studios
by GEZ Zirkelbach in Schorndorf / Germany;
„Atelier 47“ in Stuttgart / Germany;
since 2007 painting in my own studio „Atelier artfloor“
in Stuttgart/ Germany and Marbach a.N.
2008 master class abstract painting by Marc Safan (NYC)
since 2009 trainings and workshops in my own studio